How to Unlock Car Door with Child Safety Lock On

Understanding Child Safety Locks

Child safety locks are installed in vehicles to prevent children from accidentally opening the doors while the car is in motion. These locks work by disabling the interior door handle or preventing it from opening the door from the inside. While these locks are essential for the safety of young passengers, they can pose a challenge to adults who need to exit or enter the car from the locked door.

The Risks of Forcing Open a Child Safety Lock

Attempting to force open a child safety lock can result in damage to the internal mechanisms of the lock or the door handle. This could make it more difficult to open the door from inside or outside in the future. Additionally, applying too much force could cause the window to break, creating a safety hazard and potentially causing harm to occupants.

What to Do When You Accidentally Lock the Child Safety Lock

The first step to unlocking a car door with child safety locks on is to remain calm. It’s essential to avoid panic and forceful attempts to open the door. Instead, follow these steps to unlock the child safety lock:

Step 1: Locate the Child Safety Lock Button

Look for the child safety lock button on either the driver or passenger side door. In most cases, it is located near the door handle or window controls. The button may have a picture of a child or a lock on it.

Step 2: Disengage the Child Safety Lock

Use a flat-head screwdriver, a key, or another thin object to push the child safety lock button in the opposite direction. This action should disengage the lock and allow the door to unlock from the inside.

Step 3: Test the Door

Pull the door handle to ensure the child safety lock has been disengaged. If the door still doesn’t open, try unlocking the door from the inside by pulling the interior handle. If it still doesn’t work, repeat step two, or try the same steps on the other side of the car.

Preventative Measures to Avoid Accidentally Locking Child Safety Locks

To prevent accidental locking of the child safety lock, be mindful of the location of the lock button each time before exiting the car. Additionally, keep these tips in mind to avoid causing any damage to the lock system or the door handle:

  • Ensure that all passengers have exited the car before activating the child safety lock.
  • Double-check that you have unlocked all doors before closing the door to avoid leaving keys inside the car.
  • Use the lock button to engage/disengage the child safety lock, not excessive force.


Unlocking car doors with child safety locks on requires patience and a calm mind. Forcing open the door can create more damage and safety hazards, so it’s best to follow the steps mentioned in this article to prevent any unwanted accidents. Always keep in mind the location of the child safety lock button, and use preventative measures to avoid accidentally locking the doors in the future.

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